Reed Parish Council

Reed is a small village and civil parish in North Hertfordshire. It is situated on a chalk ridge at almost the highest point in the county, approximately 3 miles south of the market town of Royston. The Prime Meridian Line passes just to the east of the village, between Reed and Barkway. The A 10 Road (here following the course of the Roman Ermine Street) passes just to the west of the village.

The Parish Council meets every two months. Normally in the Village Hall. The Parish Council is consulted by the District Council on planning applications within and close to the parish. The Parish Council also represents the views of the village to the District and County Councillors on any issue which affects the village. It is responsible for the village green and children’s playground. It uses the monies it raises through the precept to maintain areas in the village, support village organisations and generally improve village life. It has recently worked with  the Cricket Club to install a defibrillator in the Telephone Box outside the village  Hall.

North Hertfordshire District is the next tier of government and Reed’s District Councillor is

Gerald Morris :

The next level is Hertfordshire County Council and

Reed’s County Councillor is Fiona Hill

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